The Web Portal

The web portal provides access to content (in Italian and English) and interactive maps through the web channel. Its development according to the logic "Responsive" makes it easily accessible also via smartphones and tablets.


The system WebGis through GeoServer , offers Web Map Service ( WMS ) and Web Feature Service ( WFS ) functionality that provide map data to all the maps used in the entire system ( portal web administration panel and mobile applications ) .

Realtà Aumentata

The use of the camera allow view directly in streaming an overlap between real and virtual elements. This way you can view the main POI in the territorial database .

Mobile Applications

The use of content in mobility and navigation along the routes are made possible by mobile applications for Android and iOS, users can download and install it for free directly from their store.

The Town of Osidda

Osidda is a town in the province of Nuoro and with a population of less than 250 inhabitants is the smallest center in the territory of Nuoro .
Annexed to the province of Nuoro , it is wedged between the territories of Buddusò and Nule ...

The Town of Bitti

Bitti is a village in the province of Nuoro of about 3000 inhabitants , is the most important center of northern Barbagia , so much so that in the past the area had deserved the denomination most proper of Barbagia of Bitti . Is far 38 km from Nuoro, in a valley surrounded by the hills of Sant'Elia ...

The Town of Lode'

Lode' is a town in the province of Nuoro, located at the center of the historic region of Baronie. It has 1,767 inhabitants and an area of ​​123.45 km square.
The town lies at the foot of Mount Calvario and its territory stretches...